Pictures to Choose From

As you are browsing through the pictures….

  • Have a pencil and piece of paper handy to jot down the numbers that correspond to the pictures that you would like to use in your book.

  • You will be asked to type in the numbers that correspond to the images that you want to use in your book on the order form.  It is the numbers that are below each image that you will want to jot down.  So, if you want to use the Red Hair Boy image in your book, the number that you would use is 1.

  • You get to choose 10 images for your book.

  • Is there a picture that you would like in your book that you don’t see on this page?  You can contact me to have a page specially made for an extra cost. Simply email me at BEFORE you order.

To order your God Gave Me personalized children’s book click here.

To order your My Mom’s/Dad’s an Athlete Book click here.


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