The ROCKS! Books come in really two different formats:

(1) From an individual child OR (2) from a group of children.

The books in the videos have a quote on the last page for a teacher.  The quote that I use for individuals who are not teachers (so for grandmas, uncles, etc.) is:  [Person’s relationship to the child here] hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.

This first example is from an INDIVIDUAL child.  So, this video (only about 60 seconds) shows that example.  To make this kind of book, you would need to ask the child to come up with 8 to 30 reasons that finish this sentence:  “So-and-so ROCKS because…”  Then, I take all of those sentences, put them in the book, and arrange and illustrate so that the book is super-cute and super-sweet.

This next video shows you an example of what a book would look like from a group of children. So, for this example, one day when I was in the classroom, I asked each of the kids what they liked most about their teacher. From there, I put them all in this book. You can see I have each of the students’ names next to each of their quotes.