My friend has bad PC and she manages to heal well with her

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Ele is being pushed out of the PvE meta as well. The internal build diversity within the class used to be okay (although Staff seems to be once again lacking and not really a good option anywhere), but it simply doesn offer enough damage potential to offset the drawbacks canada goose outlet woodbury of playing one. Holos and DHs offer similar cleave and better utility with easier gameplay, while Thieves are so far canada goose outlet miami ahead in single target dps it not even funny. Not to mention their gameplay.

the Ele has become a niche pick in all three game modes. It is still viable, provided you proficient playing one. But there no real advantage to picking it, and there has not been for a canada goose outlet reviews while, now.

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My biggest gripe with ele is how beyond situational it is to effectly run in groups. You NEED a decent chrono, otherwise the class is the most canada goose clothing uk dreadful thing to actually play in the entire game. It clunky, slow, brings literally no CC/support without trashing your dps, is absurdly reliant on conjure windows, and and the end of the day, it just fails to compete with classes that (effort wise), do just as well, so much easier.

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Canada Goose sale I wouldn suggest Berserker or Spellbreaker for warrior, but core seems like it would be fine, especially with a GS. Canada Goose sale

Berserker is very much about spamming low cooldown skills in a short period of time, and Spellbreaker it based around well timed Full Counters and quick dagger attacks.

Canada Goose Jackets I think Druid would work really well canada goose outlet uk sale with high ping. My friend has bad PC and she manages to heal well with her Druid while having bad ping and fps. Soulbeast and Core are more or less the same. Canada Goose Jackets

I would, and that why I did. It a heavy armour class with absurd sustain, 2x invulnerability options, the longest mobile shield block in the game outside of chrono 2x shield 4, as well as passive regen through healing signet if canada goose outlet eu that what OP wants to run.

Canada Goose Parka If we talking about group content like raids or fractals, then warrior is still amongst the top viable classes for OP due to the high base vitality that comes with it, as well as the rotartion being faceroll outside of the zerk phase. Though I argue that he shouldn put himself into such content if he feels that his ping is too high to react accordingly (in this case it doesn matter what class is picked). Canada Goose Parka

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The demo is odd, because objectively it is not the same as vanilla. There are many features that are solely in place for the convenience of the demo, the foremost being server sharding, which while having a positive effect on server stability/login queues, takes canada goose outlet parka away one of the greatest things that made WoW vanilla wonderful: the “living” world. Keep in mind that this is a demo, canada goose outlet price not the beta. It literally a reworked version of BFA with many of the more current engine features simply disabled (LFR etc.). The players in the demo are not residents of the server, they simply passing through with a limited trial of a demo. The attitude of the player changes drastically in this regard, as there is currently no meaningful investment to be made in the game/your character.

The second major issue with the beta is that you start at level 15. Which is not level 1 (obvious to say, but think about it). People that long for classic have a particular draw to their characters and the effort that they put into the game is a reflection of that, as is the initial character creating experience and the starting zone as a whole. Getting dropped off randomly into Westfall is a canada goose outlet jarring experience, but the only one the beta could offer as it quite literally the only content that is deemed as “complete”.

I expect when servers go live in summer 2019, that the game will be a tremendous success for Blizzard. It will settle down over time, but like all other private servers of the past, the nostalgia will become real, and keep a solid community of dedicated players.

canada goose uk black friday I never played vanilla WoW, I didn have a credit card then, I do now, and despite having 6k hours in GW2 (and loving it), I really want to play Classic. canada goose uk black friday

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They’re canada goose outlet winnipeg address strong. You can run a phantasm power dps build as a Chrono. It’s selfish, but open world is faceroll and dps is still king in the end. Staff weavers appreciate shared quickness so running and popping SoI with the quickness in shatter trait will be beneficial to you both.

Mesmers are the most versatile class in the game bar none. They are always in demand and can fill literally any role. Main problems? They’re ALWAYS getting changed. Not even nerfed per say, just changed. Expect to relearn a new rotation every 2 3 months and spend money regearing because Anet does NOT know how to balance the class.

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